Spring is here... And I have another precious arrival to announce...

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A lot has happened since my "Spring is Springing" written just over a month ago. It seems like so much longer! Spring came and then went... it felt like winter again with all the rain, some hail and even SNOW! Yes snow in South Yorkshire in April! But, thankfully Spring has resumed. I do love portrait photography in spring, I get to move out of the studio for popular "lifestyle" location portrait, pet portrait and equine photography.

Our beautiful, very large Cherry Blossom tree has finally, well... blossomed (I told you I'm not great with this writing thing, much better with images!)

Unfortunately it only stays this way for 1 or 2 weeks, but I like to take advantage of it as much as possible for any kind of portraits. Like this one of my beautiful Mum taken in 2014 before she went to a wedding.

And after a few days, as the blossom begins to fall our garden becomes a sea of pink, like in this portrait of one of our pugs, Bebe taken last year.

I wouldn't usually take a dog portrait from this angle, I prefer to get down to their level by laying flat on the floor, but because of the petals it just works in this photograph.


Now, if you read my last blog, you will know on the 5th of April I was excited about the fact this years foals would soon be starting to arrive at our stud, Plumtree Miniature Shetland Ponies. Our first arrived on the 17th of April and we have 6 altogether so far... but the one I am so very very proud to introduce is my mare Crystals filly foal who I have named Plumtree China!

My mare Crystal is 16 years old and has bred some beautiful foals over the years, my favorite been Plumtree Chimaira who she had back in 2012. Chimaira now belongs to our friends at Wildsworth Stud, Lynne and Terry Day. I desperately wanted to keep him as a foal but we didn't have the space for colts at the time so I was thrilled when Lynne & Terry bought him as I knew I would still get to see him often and I have watched him grow into a stunning, licensed stallion who has won many championships in his showing career and sired 3 beautiful foals for Wildsworth Stud.

Pictured at the NCPA Yorkshire Summer Show at Mill Lane Stables, July 2015

And at home at Wildsworth Stud, January 2016

After Crystal's 2013 foal, a black colt named Plumtree Cashmere, we decided to give her a couple of years break from foaling.

Crystal 4 days before giving birth to China.

And boy, was China worth the wait! She is a lovely, chunky, square, friendly little filly and is one of my favorite colours, Bay... so I am over the moon! She is going to be one of the most photographed foals ever, so I hope you would like to see plenty of photographs and I don't bore you too much with them!


Here she is at just 10 hours old, having a snooze in her stable after playing in her stable all night long.

And 11 hours old, out in the nursery paddock for the first time

And on her 1 week birthday!

Having a play on a sunny evening at 15 days old (before she spotted me and came over for cuddles!)

And finally, posing for the camera at 17 days old.

(Portraits with thanks to my Mum, Lorraine, for distracting her while I took them!)

Ever since Chimaira was born I have said I would love a filly like him, so China really is a dream come true for me! She is so like her big brother at that age. Below is a photograph of him in 2012. He was maybe a week or two older than China is in the photo above.


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