Spring is springing & I am excited...

April 05, 2016  •  2 Comments

Over the Easter bank holiday weekend I had been sleep walking my way through life in a flu induced haze, and it came to my attention spring is now well on the way. The snowdrops have been and gone, the trees have a pink sheen as blossom starts to shoot, and Mr & Mrs duck who have taken to visiting our lawn, from the pond across the road, to feast on the bits of fat balls that have fallen from the bird feeders in our trees, brought with them their newly hatched ducklings! (I didn't take photos as I didn't want to scare them away, but hopefully they will come back and when appropriate I will sneak out with the camera.)


Blossom on the Ornimental Plum Tree which is next to my studio.

Blossom on the Ornamental Plum Tree next to my studio.


I love living in the South Yorkshire country side, and I am now starting to get excited about the things spring & summer bring with them... Equines loosing their winter coats, the opportunity to do outdoors lifestyle portraits shoots, the arrival of this years foals on our Miniature Shetland Pony Stud (one month to go!).

An equine portrait from a summer evening July 2015

On location childrens lifestyle portraits, evening in July 2015.

A couple of portraits of one of my dogs, taken late afternoon last weekend.

One of last years foals, Plumtree Golden Lightening (Goldie) at 2 weeks old. Now owned by Wildsworth Stud.


Living on a farm I often stumble across some wildlife that people in the towns and cities rarely get to see and if I have a camera to hand will snap a photo or two. However I don't have a lens that is ideal for wildlife photography but looking back at some of the amazing things I have seen and how much I enjoy working on wildlife photographs I think its about time I invested in one. So here are a few photographs I took last year... just for fun, because the subject was right in front of me!

This little baby bunny was hiding in the grass in our pony field last May. I was actually out taking photographs of our new born foals when I spotted him/her.


Last Spring/Summer I also had a couple of rare encounters with a family of stotes! I so wish I'd had a better lens for wildlife. The first photo, again I'd been out taking photographs of our foals, and I noticed this Mother stote carrying a dead baby rabbit back to her babies! I was just leaving the field and had my 80-200mm lens on at the time, and with the stote been so far away and so small I have had to crop right in and the result is a very bad quality photo! She noticed me pretty much straight away and dropped the bunny so I didn't have chance to move closer... and once I saw her drop it I put the camera down and walked away so they didn't loose out on their meal.

Other wildlife I hope to get photographs of this year include a pair of sparrow Hawks who fly over regular, a heron who fishes in the pond across the road and eats his catch in our pony field, 2 summers ago a falcon decided our garden was a nice spot to eat his dinner a couple of times, a kestrel perches on a telephone pole in one of our fields at dusk pretty much every night, we have a few nests of swallows set up home and hunt over our fields every summer, other birds we get on our garden including blue tits, robins & even woodpeckers. There's lots of owls about too, I just need to work out where their territories are.

And speaking of birds, yesterday we had a wild Canada Goose show up in our pony field! I assume he/she has got tired and stopped for a rest. The ponies were quite entertained by it and one of our ponies took a liking to it!




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