At home with my dogs... personal portraits.

February 03, 2016  •  1 Comment

Here we go, first blog of 2016! I cannot believe it is February already. Over the last month I have spent some time reflecting on last year and making some plans for this one. Over the last week or so, which has been a little quiet photography wise, I have taken the opportunity to 'play' and take some photographs of my own dogs in their natural surroundings, laying around the house, on various cameras & lenses. After all the dogs I had in the studio (See some of the photographs HERE - blog coming soon!) towards the end of 2015, I thought it would be nice contrast to show you how differently dogs photograph in the home as apposed to the studio.


The following 3 photographers were taken on my Fujifilm x100, mid afternoon in our kitchen which has low light but she was very near a large window which gave some fantastic directional light that provided a deep contrasty look which I love.


Not much later, the light in the kitchen had got too low, so I took a few portraits in our conservatory, which has a solid roof on but big windows all along one wall. For these photographs I used my Nikon D600 with my Nikon AF 80-200mm f/2.8D ED which is my favorite lens on that camera.



The following day, early afternoon. This was taken the newest addition to my camera family, a Nikon D750 with my favorite portrait lens, the Nikon 105mm DC.

I do love when pugs get all tucked under like this, I call them Pugerpillas! This blanket was from TK Maxx by a brand called Live, Love, Bark, it is the softest thing I have ever felt in my life... if you ever see one buy it! You won't regret it!




P.S You may have noticed I haven't divulged too much information about my furbabies, trust me I would love to tell you all about them! But in light of the amount of dog thefts over recent years, I don't like to post too much online in such a public way as a blog.


Debbie Unsworth(non-registered)
Beautifully captured shots of gorgeous subjects Jodie! I really enjoyed reading how you had got the different shades of light and dark into your photo's Jodie, you are very talented! Thank you for sharing ! Xx
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