I have been hiding a little secret for the last 11 weeks...

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Well actually its 3 little secrets! On the 27th of August our lovely little Norfolk Terrier Tilly, gave birth to 3 beautiful little boy puppies! The last puppy left for their new home a couple of weeks ago so I can share a few (more like a lot!) of photographs of them with you, my lovely blog readers!

I don't like to advertise the fact we have a litter of puppies on social media in light of all the dog and puppy thefts nowadays. Its a sad reality, and although I trust my friends and family, and we did tell a few people and have not hidden them away from visitors; you cannot control who might come across the photos online... so I don't post them on my personal or business page.

Not many people really know of Norfolk Terriers. They are lovely little dogs. We got our first one over 20 years ago! They are happy little dogs that love to be with you out and about, they absolutely adore children and babies of any kind, and they talk to you! You can read more about Norfolk Terriers on the Kennel Club website by clicking HERE and the Norfolk Terrier Club website by clicking HERE.

Two of these little guys sold from the listing on the Kennel Club website when we registered them, but we did have to advertise the third little man. Their were a few boy puppies on Pets 4 Homes, where we chose to list him. But within less than 12 hours of the advert going live we had 8 messages and phone calls for him, the first of which was the lovely lady who was lucky enough to take him home! She had being looking for a Norfolk puppy for a while and said my photographs were fantastic and as soon as she saw them she knew he was the one... I was extremely flattered by that! But it brings me to an important note; if you have a litter of puppies or kittens or any animal for sale, good photography really does make a difference in attracting people to your advert! And this is a service I offer, so please keep me in mind if you ever decide to try it for yourself and hire a photographer to photograph your litter.

As they were 3 boys we decided to name them after the Three Musketeers... Aramis, Athos and Porthos; but I am going to call them by their pet names so allow me to introduce:



and last but by no means least


The puppies were born on 27th August, and thankfully all went well with the birth. Its always a worry with first time mothers that they might reject the puppies, but Tilly was a fantastic Mum right from the start. The only problem we had was her trying to make her second den, by digging in corners (something that is instinctive to dogs. In the wild they would have a second den ready and waiting should their den be discovered by a predator or become unsafe).

Here they are at just 1 day old:

They were extremely good guzzlers, we weighed them everyday for the first 3 weeks and they were gaining an unbelievable 30 - 50g per day each! I slept on the sofa for 3 weeks just to keep an eye on them, our house has an open plan living/kitchen area and they were in a small room just a couple of feet from our sofa.

Fast forward 5 weeks and they had outgrown the small den like room they were born in, and were moved into the bigger room next door to that one with much more room to run and play!

Here they are at 6 weeks

At 7 weeks we also let them have the run of the house when they were awake. Our old Jack Russel was not too impressed, so we put her in the pen whenever the pups were out and about.

At just under 8 weeks old they also got to run and play outside! Our conservatory opens onto a yard at the back of our house which is well fenced in.

Above: Nelson is sat in the doorway, allowing me to create a nice and natural black background

They found the leaves that had fallen from our ornamental plum tree tons of fun to play in!

They also looked great for portraits!

And while they played out side they were always under the watchful eye of Mum, Tilly.

On the 1st of November at just over 9 weeks old, the last puppy, Nelson, left for his new home. I was sad to see him go. We had to keep him a week longer than his brothers so I did become a little too attached to him. But he has a wonderful home (they all do! We made sure of that!) where he will be spoiled rotten! I couldn't resist taking a few portraits of him the day before he left.

All of the puppies new owners have being in touch to let us know how they are getting on, and I'm pleased to tell you they are all doing fantastic! All three have settled perfectly, and are very much a part of their new families... which is what we like to hear!

I miss having these 3 little guys, not only because they were all such characters but also because I loved photographing them! I was blessed with some beautiful, warm, soft autumn light for the outside portraits. It really is my favorite time of year, not just because of the beautiful colours and tones of trees but also the light its self.





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