What happens when the weather doesn't play ball?

November 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

How cold and miserable was the weather this weekend?! Its this time of year I am thankful for my studio! Although Autumn is my favorite time of year for outdoors, lifestyle photo shoots.. and we can deal with a bit of cold and wind; Rain, extreme cold, wind or all 3 like we had over the weekend can lead to outdoors shoots just not being possible. However, I am always thinking ahead. I don't shoot 7 or even 5 days a week. I shoot no more than 3 days a week which means if you have booked an equine portrait shoot, we can rearrange for another day, even within the same week weather permitting. If however, you have booked a small pet (dog, cat or smaller!) or kids/small family portrait you have two options. Like with equine shoots, if you have your heart set on an outdoors location portrait shoot, we can rearrange OR you have the option of moving your shoot to the studio - where it is always warm & dry!

Above photographs from a studio shoot back in March 2016, which took place on a cold, very wet and windy evening!

Portraits of gorgeous Riley,




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