Hello & welcome to my brand new blog! August 2015

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I'm going to kick off this blog with what was my favorite job of August... I photographed the Yorkshire Farmers Bloodhounds pleasure ride, hosted by Fernfarm stables, Fishlake, Doncaster. This little job was so much fun! it was like a mini orienteering photography job... and I loved the challenge of beating the horses to the points of the route I picked out just before I set off! Luckily for me I am from the area. Only missed one & that was because I got stuck behind a lorry. The Yorkshire Farmers Bloodhounds are a relatively new pack, and are hosting and planning all kinds of events, find a link to their website and Facebook page at the bottom of this blog. The thing I like most about this pack is they hunt 'the clean boot' which makes them totally family (and animal) friendly! I hope to work with them again in the future. Here are a few of my favorites.

The last photograph is my absolute favorite. I picked the spot for this one as I knew how fantastic the light is down that road in an evening, and you can see some pretty amazing sunsets weather permitting. I know this because its the road that runs down the side of my studio! Luckily, that evening was an evening with an amazing sunset!

If you took part in the ride, don't forget you can buy prints by following this link.

If you would like to order wall art, such as Canvas' please get in touch with me by following this link.

Please check out The Yorkshire Farmers Bloodhounds website or visit their Facebook Page.

Fernfarm Stables Facebook page can be found here.


Earlier that day we had been giving some of our ponies some TLC. One of my Miniature Shetland Ponies, Aussie (Plumtree Joyce) had her mane & tail washed... she looked so pretty I took a photograph of her on the lawn before she went back across the road to join the main herd after spending a few weeks with her boyfriend, Plumtree Hideaway.


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