Hello and welcome to my BRAND NEW blog! I'm not much of a writer, so please excuse me if this looks a bit amateur!

Now, many many people have been telling me for a long, long time I need to be blogging. And I have written one or two blog posts in the past. But to be honest I'm not much of a writer. And running a photography business, as well as helping full time with my Mums Miniature Shetland pony stud (Plumtree Miniature Shetland Ponies), finding things to write about and finding the time to sit down and write about them is the bottom of my list of things to do. So, in an attempt to get people off my back & start blogging, I have made a promise to myself to write at least 1 blog post a month... and in order to make it easy on myself, I'm going to make these blog posts simple... they will be about my life!

I must take hundreds of personal photos a month. My camera lives on my kitchen table. Having so many animals & living in the country side there is always something I just have to take a photograph of. And the vast majority never see the light of day! So as well as blogging my work, they are what I am going to include in my blogs. This is the beginning, I'm hoping as I get going, and *fingers crossed* get pick up some followers, I will get a taste for blogging! Hopefully in the future you will see lots more on photography, and horses, ponies, dogs and whatever else I can fine to write about. Here we go...

A better late than never blog... Enviromental Portraits of Olde Tyme Bulldogs & Puppies!

April 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I had to work late August Bank Holiday 2016... But it wasn't so bad! I love my photo shoots with Jane at Croft Farm Stud. They are always hectic and full of puppy cuddles! I went to take dog portraits of her gorgeous Old Tyme Bulldogs and her first litter of puppies for her new business Sander Bullies.

For those who might be curious, hear is a little bit about the breed;

"Old Tyme Bulldogs are a medium size, intelligent breed that are easy to train. These charming bulldogs are relatively new to the dog scene, and were developed to recreate the type of bulldog that existed two hundred years ago when these dogs were taller, had longer muzzles with smaller heads and necks that were more in proportion to the rest of their bodies.

The Olde Tyme Bulldog is known to be an extremely calm dog and one that is both loyal and brave. They form extremely strong ties with their owners. They are not a high energy dog, but they still need the right amount of exercise every day. Old Tyme Bulldogs boast having short, close lying coats and as such they are low maintenance on the grooming front."


Jane usually chooses to have her  dog photo shoots done in my studio but this time, as the weather had been behaving, and the light had been constantly beautiful we decided to shoot on her garden, where the dogs and puppies are at home, confident and comfortable.

Below are just a few dog portraits of her puppies, one slightly older puppy and an adult bitch.

If you would like to learn more about these loving and loyal dogs, please see Jane's website by clicking HERE where you will also find Jane's contact details.

I cannot stress enough how important good photographs are when you are advertising pets for sale. It not only shows professionalism, but can really make you stand out from the crowd. If you have a litter of puppies you would like me to photograph, please get in touch for a quote, you'll be surprised how much difference it makes!







KL Advanced - Kirsty's Professional Portrait Headshots by Jodie Gabrielle Photography

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Professional headshots can be of great value to any business. Nowadays, the first impression a client gets of you and your business is not face to face, but through your website or social media pages. Good information about your service is obviously very important, but if you work in an industry where your client will also be putting their trust in you, a professional headshot or portrait can really make you stand out from the crowd and give your prospective client a sense of who you are.

KL Advanced Cosmetics is run by Kirsty Louise Whitworth, BMedSci (Hons) RGN, aesthetic nurse practitioner and independent nurse prescriber based in Doncaster, Yorkshire. She offers many services including Dermal Fillers, Lip Enhancement, Derma Roller and many more non-surgical procedures. Kirsty is in the process of having her website redesigned, and her web designer commented that her headshot is out of date, so she came to me for a new one.

Kirsty came to the studio in January. She had requested a clean, bright look for her headshots, to match her new website. This is a little different from my usual studio style, which is more of a fine art style with a modern twist. But it was no problem, I just set up my lights differently to how I normally would. Headshot sessions include 5 edited web sized images (upgradable to high resolution if the images are to be used in print), so to get a good variety we tried several easy poses to give Kirsty plenty to pick from. Kirsty had her make-up done for the shoot. This is something I would recommend for women, but if possible do go to a make-up artist that you have used before.

With family or pet portrait sessions, my clients are invited back to the studio for a viewing, to pick their images and products, and I am on hand to answer questions and talk over product options. However, professional headshot clients have a choice of the viewing session at the studio or, because these images are supplied on a disc, I can put a private gallery on my website where you can pick your images from the comfort of your own home or office. I will also put a personal note on gallery to give advice and make sure you get a good variety of headshots which makes the process easier.

Kirsty picked her 5 images with ease.. and they just happened to be my favourite 5 images too!

Due to Kirsty's profession we decided to go for a beauty like edit and also to do a couple of edits in black and white to add even more variety to these clean and minimalist style images.

After I had finished the edits, I supplied the images to Kirsty both on a disc, and I also put the finished images onto her online gallery so all she needs to do to get them to her web designer is send him the link and he can download them from there!

If you are interested in a professional headshots for your business, please get in touch!

If you would like to know more about what Kirsty's work, what she offers and see examples of her work you can see her website www.advancedmedicalcosmetics.co.uk or her Facebook page by clicking HERE





Award Winning Cat Photography - Portraits of Taytu the Savannah

February 21, 2017  •  2 Comments

I do love it when my family ask for photo shoots for Christmas. Last year my sisters Christmas gift was a voucher for photo shoots of all 6 of her fur-(& furless)-babies. My sister, Natalie, is the very proud owner of 2 Savannah cats, 2 Sphynx cats, and her 2 dogs, a Chinese Crested and a Chihuahua.

We decided it might be a little manic to bring all 6 of her pets to the studio at the same time; in fact we'd just start with one of the cats! I actually have never had a cat in the studio before and wasn’t quite sure how it would go. The first shoot, which took place on 14th of January, was with Taytu.

Taytu is a 7-month-old F2 Savannah cat. For those that don't know, a Savannah cat is a cross between a domestic cat and the Serval (pictured below), which is a medium-sized, wild African cat. The F2 generation means that Taytu has a Serval grandparent. These cats are extremely intelligent, and love to explore and climb, and with Taytu being so young (I'm not going to lie) I expected the photo shoot to be a bit of a disaster!

The Serval wild cat is also known as tierboskatThe Serval wild cat is also known as tierboskatServal wild cat in the Savannah of Masai Mara

(Above & below are photos of wild Serval cats)

Serval cat climbing in tree catching food. Tenikwa wildlife sancServal cat climbing in tree catching food. Tenikwa wildlife sancServal cat climbing in tree catching food. Tenikwa wildlife sanctuary. Plettenberg Bay. South Africa.

I couldn't of been more wrong! Taytu was an absolute dream to work with, and it turned out she is a right little poser! So much so that I decided to enter 3 of the images into The Guild of Photographers Image of the Month competition and all 3 of them got an award! I am absolutely over the moon! I achieved 2 Bronze Bars and a Silver Bar!

But what does that mean? The description of the awards taken from the Guild website:

Bronze Bar - Images of a strong standard at a national competition level (something to be proud of)

Silver Bar - Images that are very well crafted (difficult to achieve)

So I am sure you can understand why I am so happy! Now back to the shoot...

We wanted some nice portraits of her, but also some portraits of her looking wild, as the better-bred cats of this breed should closely resemble their African Serval ancestors, and Taytu is very wild looking. I decided to go for natural colours in this shoot, choosing a brown backdrop, posing her on a tall wooden pedestal (to satisfying her instinct to climb up high) and drape a green wrap over it to add a pop of colour while keeping with natural colours to start.

We then decided to try a few photos with Taytu sat on an elegant chair that was given to me by my Grandma for the studio. And I love how these came out, especially fitting, as "Taytu" was the name of an Ethiopian Princess. I love how regal these portraits look, although Natalie and I disagreed on our favourite. I prefer the first image, where Taytu is sat tall, paws crossed and looking elegant. Whereas Natalie prefers the one below where Taytu is in a crouched position and looks more 'wild'.

Natalie hopes to breed from Taytu when she is old enough, so these photos will be used for adverts as well as Wall Art for Natalie's home. To keep up to date with Natalie's Cats, please 'like' her Facebook page by clicking HERE.